Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hong Kong Ghost Stories (2011) BRRip Mkv

Release Date: Year: 2011 | Country: Hong Kong | Language: Cantonese | Genre: Horror, Fantasy  | Subtitle: CLICK HERE | Size: 400MB | Source: BRRip.AC3.x264-theonlyh
TRAVEL – Bobo (Chrissie Chau) was killed in a car accident when she travelled to Thailand.
At Bobo’s funeral, Cherryl (Jacquelin Ch’ng), Mindy (Rose Chan), Mon (Charmaine Fong)and Harriet (Harriet Yeung) who were in the same Thailand tour, came to bid farewell to Bobo. As Bobo was an orphan, there were not a lot of visitors, Cherryl and the three others were almost the only ones. While chitchatting, they talked about Bobo’s boyfriend. They remembered Bobo had a big quarrel over the phone with her boyfriend, she even threatened to kill herself. They also suspected Bobo was pregnant, as she vomited all over while having hot pot with them in Thailand.


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