Saturday, January 21, 2012

Petaling Street Warriors 2011 DVDRip English Sub

Release Date: Year 2011 | Country: Malaysia| Language: Malay | Genre: Drama | Subtitle: Eng Hardsub | Size: 402MB | Quality: SDTVRip
Genre: Comedy/Action/Drama
Director: Sampson Yuen & James Lee
Cast: Mark Lee, Yeo Yann Yann, Chris Tong, Namewee, Alvin Wong, Ramasundran Rengan, Frederick Lee, Peter Ong, John Cheng, Brendan Yuen, Rayson Tan, Jack Neo, Henry Thia, Ho Yuhang
RunTime: 1 hr 48 mins
Released By: Shaw
The Petaling Street Warriors is a proud production from directors Sampson Yuen, James Lee and their team. This made-in-Malaysia film is pride as the first period gongfu comedy in the Singapore-Malaysia region. Lending experience and skills of Hong Kong action choreographer Ma Yuk-Sing, the film is not only limited to the Singapore and Malaysia audiences. The film is also due to release in Taiwan, and the team is still in negotiation with the Hong Kong distributors.
The movie is set in year 1908 at Petaling Street, telling the tale of the seemingly simple and common street hawker Shi Duyao (Mark Lee) and Zhung Lichun (Yeo Yann Yann). Shi is eventually enlightened about his true identity after a series of incidents, and turns out that his wife, Zhung, and two other acquaintances are his bodyguards. The story is loosely based on the legend of the missing emperor, Emperor Jianwen of Ming Dynasty, who is rumoured to have fled to South-East Asia after being dethroned. All these background research and the scripting started way before this film was filmed. Inclusive of the post-production and the filming, the team took 2 years to churn out this work. This meticulous effort includes refurbishing a street at Ipoh, Malaysia, to reproduce the look and the feel of the 1900s. The set though small, is still rather convincing and vivid.

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